1. You certainly make beautiful babies. Wishing and praying for a lifetime of good health, happiness, and love for the whole family. Much love. T

  2. Better late than never…! I’ve read much about the newbie, but I keep forgetting to check into my gmail account. I see most on FB though.
    I just love the bonnet, and other things you have made for her. You have many different talents, and all quite useful at this time to.

  3. I find it so interesting how that blanket can change colors so easily.! You have definitely had some busy needles….very pretty, both of them!

  4. Reading this again with more time allowed me. The second child’s delivery was quite different indeed, but all came out well in the end…and with such a blessed little one too. Kind of wondering now…is this the last one or are you going to try for a boy next..!
    I am one of eight, but I’m much older than you and babies are a lot more expensive today…

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