1. Tammy

    There is more than one way to pay for a service. To me you are paying dearly for their poor quality delivery service. Not only are the items barely being brought to you the customer service is extremely poor as far as how the delivery person interacted with you. I would not only go back to Tesco I would make sure Sainsbury had detailed letter informing them why you made your decision to do that. Hubby would love it if we could order our groceries online and have them delivered.

  2. So to add insult to injury last night we found that an entire batch of long life milk was decidedly off. Not great when you’ve a milk-hungry toddler. Could be the fault of he supplier or of the supermarket, I can’t tell. Either way it’s annoying.

    Went on to check the delivery terms and conditions and found this:

    We will always deliver your order to the front door of your house or to the communal entrance to your block of flats. Our drivers may also deliver beyond this into your home.

    For home deliveries, our driver will be happy to deliver your grocery order to your kitchen or garage if you would like us to. However, he or she needs to take into account a couple of important things before doing this and there are a few instances where this may not be possible. These are set out below:

    Our driver will not always be able to deliver beyond the communal entrance if there isn’t a lift, which transports the shopping beyond the first floor of the building (where the ground level is 0). If this is the case, the driver or a store colleague will discuss delivery options with you for subsequent deliveries.

    So we live on the second floor which means that the driver could have decided not to come all the way upstairs, but he did and so he had already made that decision. Phone call this morning!

  3. Alison

    Grr indeed! Any update from customer service? I used to use Asda (after getting rid of my car), but after one delayed delivery too many (which meant half my day was disrupted when a delivery came two hours after the end of the booked two hour delivery slot) I stopped using them.

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