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Online shopping delivery anger

A Tesco home delivery van

NB I started writing this on Wednesday 19th March but didn’t post it at the time.

As the deadline draws ever near why is it that time seems to shrink? It seems that these days whenever I blink three days rushes past!

This week I’ve managed to sort through all of MissK’s clothes and bundle them into bags for each size. Kids grow so fast in the first couple of years that you’re getting new clothes every couple of months. Luckily it also means that they don’t get time to wear out. And so MissK’s first clothes are now sitting in a draw ready for Bump with a few extras so that she has her very own instead of all hand-me-downs.

Meanwhile I’ve been getting more and more tired – exhausted is probably the better word. Sleep is almost impossible and I’m feeling just generally bleugh. Thankfully one thing I don’t have to do is the main supermarket shop – Sainsbury’s is due to deliver this afternoon.

When I first arrived in the UK I used Sainsbury’s for my online shop. I like their stores and generally like their own brand goods, but after a while the online offering proved to be too frustrating. Too often things would disappear from the online cart, or it would want me to reenter my password while I was actively using the site. In frustration I eventually turned to Tesco.

Since leaving Sainsbury’s I’ve regularly received vouchers – invariably trying to get me to either sign up for another nectar card or offering me money off my first online shop. Both are useless!

Then last week I logged on to check a price for something and they’re suddenly offering nearly 3 months of free delivery plus promising that the site has improved. (Hello, an email or a letter with that information would have been a good idea!) That’s a fairly good deal so this last week I’ve been doing my online shopping back with Sainsburys.

So far the website is behaving itself. However a lot of the products I liked to buy are nolonger available which is a bummer. After two home deliveries, here’s a comparison of the positive and not so positive points of both.

– I like their home brand stuff
– Orange bags are pretty, much nicer for recycling as garbage bags than white ones
– They offer to take away old plastic bags
– Delivery guys carry all the individual bags up the stairs – OH&S nightmare!
– They seem to have a lot of delivery slots available when I need them
– One hour delivery slots are easier to fit into my life
– Website makes it easy to see what special offers you’ve qualified for
– Substitution would have cost me considerably more (from 1.67 up to 3.00), lucky I asked

– able to have deliveries made without bags
– shopping delivered (with or without bags) in plastic crates and straight into my kitchen
– fridge/freezer items separated out with different coloured bags so that they’re easy to spot
– substituted items charged at same amount or less – I never pay more
– price promise works online, am sent an email with voucher code if appropriate
– price promise in store can be applied online
– send me vouchers regularly that are relevant
– website tells me what offers I’ve qualified for
– all of my loyalty card offers/vouchers are available

So, even though Sainsbury’s does have some good points, as soon as the free delivery thingy is over I’m heading straight back to Tesco’s. They have a much slicker operation and to be honest it’s the little things that make a huge difference. I can live with a 2 hour delivery window and pop by an actual store for the items that we prefer to have from Sainsbury’s rather than from Tesco.

Update – Monday 24th March
Just had another Sainsbury’s delivery. This time I’ve ordered some meats for the next few days, a fair bit of milk for MissK and a box of 24 cans of beer amongst the usual vegetables and other things.

The delivery guy showed up about 2 minutes early and then dumped all of the bags in the hallway outside of the front door. When it became clear that he was expecting that to be that I asked if he could give me a hand with them. I’m 39 weeks today by the way – blind Freddy can tell that I’m very very pregnant.

Well, he gave me the kind of look that made me wonder whether I’d actually said the words I thought I’d said, I mean maybe I’d meant to say “can you give me a hand with these” and instead out came “shall we go and kill your grandmother now?”. I then mentioned that I’m very pregnant and could he at least bring the heavy stuff into the hall.

So, he proceeded to drag the items just inside the front door before making off. No pleasantries, nothing.

So, now I have to weigh up – do I stick with Sainsbury’s for another 6 weeks until their free delivery window is over or do I pay for delivery and at least get things brought inside and a smile with my groceries?

The more I think about it, the angrier I feel. How dare he? It’s not like I was asking out of laziness. It’s not like I’m faking my condition – it ain’t exactly easy to bend down and lift up heavy bags and boxes when you have a fully grown baby inside you.

3 thoughts on “Online shopping delivery anger”

  1. There is more than one way to pay for a service. To me you are paying dearly for their poor quality delivery service. Not only are the items barely being brought to you the customer service is extremely poor as far as how the delivery person interacted with you. I would not only go back to Tesco I would make sure Sainsbury had detailed letter informing them why you made your decision to do that. Hubby would love it if we could order our groceries online and have them delivered.

  2. So to add insult to injury last night we found that an entire batch of long life milk was decidedly off. Not great when you’ve a milk-hungry toddler. Could be the fault of he supplier or of the supermarket, I can’t tell. Either way it’s annoying.

    Went on to check the delivery terms and conditions and found this:

    We will always deliver your order to the front door of your house or to the communal entrance to your block of flats. Our drivers may also deliver beyond this into your home.

    For home deliveries, our driver will be happy to deliver your grocery order to your kitchen or garage if you would like us to. However, he or she needs to take into account a couple of important things before doing this and there are a few instances where this may not be possible. These are set out below:

    Our driver will not always be able to deliver beyond the communal entrance if there isn’t a lift, which transports the shopping beyond the first floor of the building (where the ground level is 0). If this is the case, the driver or a store colleague will discuss delivery options with you for subsequent deliveries.

    So we live on the second floor which means that the driver could have decided not to come all the way upstairs, but he did and so he had already made that decision. Phone call this morning!

  3. Grr indeed! Any update from customer service? I used to use Asda (after getting rid of my car), but after one delayed delivery too many (which meant half my day was disrupted when a delivery came two hours after the end of the booked two hour delivery slot) I stopped using them.

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