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D-Day for Bump’s arrival is getting ever closer. We’ve confirmed with the consultants that I shall be induced a few days before the due date. This is due to my age. Even though all of the growth scans look perfect and Bump is wriggling around like a mad thing statistics support the routine inducement of women over 40 years at or just before term. It seems that going over the chances of something going drastically wrong rises sharply. From my perspective, we get to meet Bump earlier and hopefully she’ll be a few grams lighter and thus easier.

Anyway, this week appears to be nesting week. We’ve started with setting up the crib. In the end we went for a simple swinging crib. When ordering the crib I naturally looked to order some sheets for it as well. Seems the going rate is £15 for two fitted sheets. Meanwhile the going rate for a doona (duvet) cover and pillowcase cover for Katja is about £30. It’s utter madness and there’s no way I’m spending more on sheets for the girls than I do on sheets for myself.

Aldi was selling sheets last weekend, so I popped in and grabbed a single set for £8. (I also spent £2 on elastic) Yesterday I got to work on them. I laid the doona cover on the floor and Katja’s existing one over the top, matching up one of the corners. I then cut out the size leaving about 1 inch on the side and two inches along the top as seam allowances.

Next I sewed up the side seam, just a simple straight seam and overedged with zigzag. I folded over the end and sewed that with a straight stitch and then sewed it together leaving a gap of about 40cm in the middle to allow for the doona to be placed inside. At this point I could have added a couple of buttonholes and then buttons but so far I haven’t bothered (yes I know, I’m lazy). Toddler doona cover done.

The pillow case was easier. I lined the edge up with the open end of the pillowcase – this meant that I could take advantage of the folded over bit in the original. I then cut to size, sewed up with straight stitches and overedged. Fits her mini pillow perfectly.

Next I moved on to the crib sheets. Using the left overs from the single doona cover I cut out two pieces the same size as the crib mattress according to the instructions on Cintia’s blog MyPoppet. It was incredibly simple and took less than an hour to make up both sheets.

So all in all, £10 spent and £35 saved – and even better I’ve got much much prettier sheets than any I’ve seen at those silly prices. I call this a win, in fact I’m dead chuffed with myself for this project.

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  1. Beautiful and the money you saved you can spend on other fun things. Love and prayers to your growing family.

  2. The prizes are crazy, aren’t they? We’re doing the same for our little girl. I’ve got a pair of bed sheets that did not fit but it’s so cosy. So I just used it for the inside “Wickeldecke” you’ve seen, a swaddling blanket, a crib sheet and pillow case. Everything is matching 😉

    Hope you’re fine and able to enjoy your “last” days with MissK alone,
    Lovely wishes!!!

  3. The retailers certainly see the new mothers coming from a mile away and push up their prices to take advantage. I guess many parents are time poor so probably don’t mind paying.

  4. Great job! I’m not bothering with toddler sized bedding for mine, partly due the the cost. Once the littlest one is out of his crib I’ll just get a ‘big bed’ ASAP! Good luck on D-Day 🙂

  5. Great idea. I’ve been a fan since first email based lists. Good luck with new baby and with C-section. We don’t follow that routine as much here in states but it seems very sensible.

  6. Thank-you – but I do hope it’s NOT a c-section, wouldn’t choose one of those (8 weeks recovery time vs half an hour and you’re walking about). It’ll be induction for me, and hopefully it’ll go smooth enough that it will be otherwise natural.

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