1. Tammy

    Beautiful and the money you saved you can spend on other fun things. Love and prayers to your growing family.

  2. The prizes are crazy, aren’t they? We’re doing the same for our little girl. I’ve got a pair of bed sheets that did not fit but it’s so cosy. So I just used it for the inside “Wickeldecke” you’ve seen, a swaddling blanket, a crib sheet and pillow case. Everything is matching 😉

    Hope you’re fine and able to enjoy your “last” days with MissK alone,
    Lovely wishes!!!

  3. The retailers certainly see the new mothers coming from a mile away and push up their prices to take advantage. I guess many parents are time poor so probably don’t mind paying.

  4. Great job! I’m not bothering with toddler sized bedding for mine, partly due the the cost. Once the littlest one is out of his crib I’ll just get a ‘big bed’ ASAP! Good luck on D-Day 🙂

  5. Arlene Jones

    Great idea. I’ve been a fan since first email based lists. Good luck with new baby and with C-section. We don’t follow that routine as much here in states but it seems very sensible.

  6. Thank-you – but I do hope it’s NOT a c-section, wouldn’t choose one of those (8 weeks recovery time vs half an hour and you’re walking about). It’ll be induction for me, and hopefully it’ll go smooth enough that it will be otherwise natural.

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