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2014 – The Adventure Begins

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2014 is shaping up to be a big year for me – we get to meet Bump2 this year and “complete” our little family. We already know that she’s very active, so no doubt I’ll be exhausted soon enough and the posts will grind to a halt again! With that in mind, the following items are not resolutions, they are merely goals that it would be nice to achieve in the next 12 months. If I don’t get there, well that’s OK – I’ll be busy enough!

  • Make it to 6 months of toddler plus baby with a smile on my face, my hair brushed, me dressed most mornings and still going to knitting at least semi-regularly
  • Convince the toddler to eat vegetables (well, there has to be one impossible challenge)
  • Finish my other big web project so that it’s properly launched
  • Start an Advent calendar for next Christmas really early (May?)
  • Get this year’s Christmas card ordered on time (early November)
  • Make at least two more tatted snowflakes for the tree
  • Correspond the old fashioned way, as in write some letters
  • Stashdown… or at least remain stash neutral for the year
  • WIPdown… finish some of the hibernating WIPs
  • Get the annulment sorted at last
  • Knit some lace, as I haven’t done much of that and I know I can do it
  • Get better at German – with MissK coming up with new words all the time I need to keep up!
  • Finish at least 2 pair of socks, get faster at finishing them too!

So really of all of those the first one is the most important one. I struggled a bit with K so I know to watch out for the signs so hopefully I’ll catch anything sooner.

We’ve started the year with ghastly cold weather – but then it is winter so what do I expect?? We’ve also started with some new words. We’re adding gorilla, Brille and bath to the list. The rest of the list is bear, door, ohr (ear), spider, ball, bye-bye, mama, papa, mehr (more but also used for gimme) plus various animal sounds.

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