1. I got the towel in the one they gave me in hospital, most of the stuff wasn’t great, was it? Finland has the right idea, much more useful. I had a Mama pack from a cloth nappy place that had more green/eco-type stuff in it.

  2. Roger

    Actually the maternity packs are even better value than quoted. The total shop price to purchase items of comparable quality here in Finland would be at least €350 to €400. Some people who receive the state boxes actually resell the contents on at local markets for substantial profits.

  3. I have refused the bounty boxes but I did get a mama pack courtesy of one of my sisters and she signed me up for the Project-B boxes too.

    The mama pack was nice – you pay postage only – and I got a selection of samples such as stretch mark creams, 2 nappies from Naty (which are now in my hospital bag), wet wipes and some other stuff.

    The Project-B boxes I cancelled after three months as they were largely pointless and expensive at £15 each. The first contained a bag of gourmet popcorn, some nail varnish (in a pale blue/grey), a small tube of expensive stretch mark cream and a couple of other things. This was the same for the next three boxes. I ate the snack and pretty much binned the rest.

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