1. Tammy

    WIPs have been bothering me a lot lately. Well actually 3 of them have the rest not so much. First being my mom’s shrug that is half done, it so easy it is boring. The second is a prayer wrap for a relative who thankfully is in remission. Still it was meant for her so that is where it is going. Last is a sweater for my Maltese it too is half done. It, like my mom’s shrug, is my own design is going to have a much better fit than her other sweater and is needed before cold weather arrives. These are all knit. Until they are done I’m trying to keep myself from starting or working on anything else unless it is my ‘take along’ project which is always kept in my purse and is a hat for someone in need. Newborn. Chemo patient. Underprivileged. Homeless. That is how I’m dealing with it right now.

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