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Week 13.31 – Fair Isle Finished

Week 31 already! And a quick checks shows that I’m currently 19 weeks behind in my weekly posts. Hmm, not so good – lots of work to do to catch that lot up! I maintain that the reason for this is the gorgeous summer weather we’ve been having, it’s been so long that the novelty is yet to wear off.

So week 31 saw me finally finish knitting up the super secret fair isle project. Great news, except for all the horrid ends that I’ve to sew in. My swatch made me think that carrying them up the side wouldn’t work – I think if I were to do another I’d try to twist them up the side rather than break them.

Knitting finished. Time to sew in all the ends #fairisle
20130729 – Knitting finished. Time to sew in all the ends #fairisle

It took me 3 days to get the ends sewn in. If there hadn’t been a deadline I reckon they’d still be attached! The end result, BTW is absolutely gorgeous and I’ll show you as soon as I’m allowed to.

The ends! #knitting #fairisle
20130731 – The ends! #knitting #fairisle

I also cut into some very happy fabric with the intention of making a new cot bumper for Katja’s playpen. It’s currently sitting on my sewing machine waiting for me to fgure out just how I’m going to sew it all together and maintain perfectly straight lines.

Happy fabric #sewing
20130729 – Happy fabric #sewing

Katja is walking like a champ now. She seemed to give up for a week or so when her grandparents were visiting, but now she’s walking about 75% of the time. Such a cute walk, kind of like taking steps to not fall over.

Self portrait #misskatja
20130803 – Self portrait #misskatja

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  1. PS…I haven’t done any Fair Isle knitting in quite sometime now. I will be going to this years ‘Sheep and Wool Festival’ in September. I still haven’t made the shawl that I purchased the yarn for last year. Well, a friend of mine, and I shared the yarn, and I had to wait for her to make her’s first anyway. Not a very good excuse, but there you have it..! I just hate to finish off all those ends, but I can never get anyone to do it for me, so of course, I do it..! I can’t wait to see what your project looks like…;-)

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