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Week 13.27 – Lemoncello and German

Week 27 from July 1st to July 7th was one of glorious weather in Edinburgh. The city is truly magnificent when the sun shines, it’s just a pity that it shines so rarely! Mum retired this week, a major milestone in her life and kind of a watershed in mine. I’ve also had some distressing news from home which makes me feel every centimetre of the distance between Edinburgh and Melbourne, but I shan’t dwell on that now as I’m hoping for better news later in the week.

I’ve started playing with Duolingo to learn German. It’s kind of language learning by game play and so far I’m really enjoying it – I wonder if we’ll ever get to the point where more and more is taught in such a manner, imagine being able to earn history or physics by playing games. I’m up to level 6 so far and have 196 words apparently. The important thing is that I’m doing a little bit each day, currently I’m on an 8 day streak.

I’m still working on the cardigan for Katja, not much to go now – I could really get it finished in a few short hours, but I’ve been waylaid by a super secret fair isle project. I’ve never worked fair isle before so naturally I’ve opted to do a project that will test me – fair isle in the round and a small diameter. I’ve worked a practice swatch in the round. Can’t wait to show you but it will need to wait until I get the OK to do so.

Last night I did the final step to get my lemoncello ready. I started this process backin March and I have to say the results are rather awesome. I’ll do a post with a recipe at some point cos I’m definitely going to be doing this again!

And last night poor Katja wasn’t well, she’s had a bit of a fever and cold the last couple of days. Still she seems to have pretty much worked out how to stand on her own. I think the combination of being ill (teething again?) and this exciting new skill were too much, we didn’t get to seep until 3am. I reckon she’ll be walking by the end of the month. It remains to be seen which country she takes her first steps in and whether she does so before or after her Oma and Opa arrive.

Big girl can feed herself :)
130701 – Big girl can feed herself 🙂

130702 – Yellow – saw these in a second hand shop and they looked so bright and happy that I would have bought them if they’d been in my size.

Love my amethyst stitch markers from SpinPretty
130703 – Love my amethyst stitch markers from SpinPretty

Don't trust the cardboard wine carriers from @marksandspencer like this poor guy did #waste
130704 – Don’t trust the cardboard wine carriers from @marksandspencer like this poor guy did #waste. He lost two bottles of wine and made the bus smell like an old man at a bar. I would have been livid!

Home made lemoncello - nom!
130707 – Home made lemoncello – nom!

5 thoughts on “Week 13.27 – Lemoncello and German”

  1. I hope the other distressing news from home isn’t bad Kersti. I’ve done some Fairisle knitting, but it’s been a long time now. Am looking for some yarn right now to make this summer type looking sweater that I bought the pattern for. I better hurry though as it’s a more warm weather type of sweater. I’ll be waiting to see yours though..small huh, maybe for the little one…? Good luck..

  2. Prayers and good thoughts regarding the distressing news.

    I have been very tempted to try Fairisle knitting but have chickened out so far. Are you doing it with one color in each hand or both colors in the same hand? I have repeatedly watched a vid of a lady that teaches a color in each hand, she makes it looks simple. Try as I might I still cannot knit with the opposite hand.

  3. Thank-you 🙂
    I’m doing one strand in each hand. I think it helps that I’m a continental knitter or picker. The right hand is awkward but I’ve picked it up fast enough. I’d suggest if you really want to do that that you try just knitting continental. Once you get the hang of that the rest should be easy for fair isle. My biggest issue now is knitting in the round and making sure that I don’t pucker where my needles are turning.

  4. If you check my web site under knitting by clicking on the button you can see what I have knitted. I’ve got more projects coming up. Socks, and another sweater. I was going to put the picture of the one in here, but I don’t see where I can…

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