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WIP Wednesday #11

In my last post I talked about the fact that I’ve got 5 projects on the go at the moment. Today I’m going to give a little round-up of where I’m at with the 3 that are actively being worked on.

The cardigan has progressed rather nicely. I’m deep into the lace section, however it’s not been without its frustrations. This is largely due to not paying attention. I’ve found myself having to rip back a number of rows of lace and pick up to correct a rather hideous miscount. Was quite chuffed that not only did I pick up the right number of stitches but I’d also managed to pick up the last row of a repeat. Neat! One and a bit repeats later and I discovered a missed psso from three rows down – this time I’ve managed to drop back down and shimmy the yarn back into place. Was hoping to get this one finished for Saturday, will most likely be a few days late. The pick above was taken when the lace section was half the length it is now. Another 3 inches of lace and we’ll be ready to move onto the arms.



Pond Stacker
The pond stacker is a base that looks like a pond, with a stem that looks like a frog and then three rings to fit over the stem. I’ve finished the bee and ladybird, am almost done with the stem and base which I’ve put on hold until I can make sure they’ll be te right size for all three rings. Next up is the dragonfly. These have turned out rather larger than I expected, but Katja is showing interest in them. I’ve also put bells and rattles into the rings. These must be finished by Friday night!


First socks
My socks have slowed right down. Somehow the prospect of knitting until the end is not as enticing as the challenge of getting the heel done. They’re currently my bus knitting.


260756_900_1So that’s what’s on the needles and hook at the moment.


But there’s another project that needs doing and for that I’d love some ideas from you. I picked up a lovely new lightweight/spring jacket the last time I was in Germany and, well, it’s a tad boring for me! I’d love any ideas you have for how to brighten it up a bit. It’s made of microfibre so has a matt finish. There’s some stitching on it on the back that is the bright red Maier logo and the buttons are a gunmetal grey. There’s no hood and the zipper releases at both ends.

Ideas in the comments please!


7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday #11”

  1. you can always use a tatted motif as a broach, or along the front placket, or all along the belt… it seriously needs some color

  2. You do some fine work in knitting especially. Quite detailed to! I now see a pair of socks. That is what I want to try next. I haven’t knitted anything but scarfs in quite a few years, but I’m sure it will come back to me easy enough. I see you started from the toe. I’m still in the debating stage wondering where it is I should start. Toe or top. I also see your using the, I think it’s called the Magic Needle? I want to use that also, so both socks come out the same size…you have used some gorgeous colors to. I love the color of the yarn for the sweater.

  3. I chose toe-up because I like longer socks and felt that the stress of will I have enough yarn would be too much! Also, no grafting on toe-up socks. The two at a time is cos I know I’d get second sock syndrome. And yes, it’s magic loop – very simple when you are shown how and youtube does a good job of that.

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