Memory Monday – Easter


It’s Katja’s first Easter Monday today and we’ll be heading to Australia so this post has naturally been prepared in advance. The weekly pictures post will show what the little one thinks of her chocolate easter “egg” which is actually a bunny.

Today’s memory concerns Easter Eggs. I remember as a kid we’d get up on Easter Sunday morning and find that the Easter Bunny had been to visit and left us a small collection of fabulous chocolate. The trick was then to make the chocolate last as long as possible, my brother always seemed to have some left over long after mine had gone.

While I loved the chocolate, what I really wanted was a candy egg. We’d see them lined up in the corner of the supermarket in the lead up to Easter and they would beckon to me with their pretty, frilly pastel sugary goodness.

I’ve never seen them over this side of the world so I’m wondering if they’re just an Aussie thing.

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  1. Your blog is such a pleasure to browse ! Thanks for sharing your stories and wonderful patterns !

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