Memory Monday – The Green Guide

greenguide2 The Green Guide is a Melbourne institution. It’s been going since long before I was born and it is a fixture of my childhood. Every Thursday when the newspaper was delivered this green section would be included. As a child I remember it as just green newsprint paper with black. It was just as bizarre back then as it is now really. Of course nowadays it’s in glorious colour.

This section of the newspaper was dedicated to Radio, then TV and would have the listings of what would be on all of the 5 channels that we had. I remember sitting down with it and studying the upcoming week, looking for those elusive documentaries and can’t miss shows and circling the ones we wanted to see.

The rest of the paper contained articles about bands and actors and classical music, and as I got older, was the bible for all computer part shopping. Whole pages would have lists of prices of hard drives, graphics cards and monitors. It always paid to read up before you went to a computer swap meet!

If you didn’t get The Age and therefore did not get the Green Guide, you would buy the TV Guide. A glossy coloured magazine full of trashy stories about soap stars.

It took me quite a while to track down a front page from when I was a kid – this particular edition dates back to March 1993 and is understandably quite faded. The bottom section is an ad for an 8CD set of Purcell… not something you’d normally see on the front pages these days! And this next shot, which shows the colour of the pages better is from 2009.


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