Introducing Straw Tatting

Have you ever wanted to try needle tatting but perhaps you don’t have access to the needles? Maybe you’re trying to learn but finding the needles and fine threads too fiddly, you might be constantly stabbing yourself with the business end of the needles (blunt? they still hurt!) or perhaps you’re looking to tat with some thick yarn rather than fine threads. Well I have the answer for you – introducing Straw Tatting! The following pictures show you everything you need and just how to get yourself set up for Straw Tatting goodness. strawtat01 To start with you’ll need a drinking straw, a 20cm stirring stick, a blade, a pair of scissors, a small crochet hook and some yarn (not shown) strawtat02 Insert the stirring sick into the drinking straw, choose the long end away from the bendy bit. It should be a snug fit. You need about an inch of empty straw above the stick and before the bendy bit (or before the end if there’s no bendy bit). strawtat03 Cut the straw across just before the bendy bit. If there’s no bendy bit you can skip this bit. strawtat04 Using the blade, make two parallel cuts a few mm apart through both sides of the straw. strawtat05 Hook your scissors through the cuts and snip so that you end up with a hole on each side of the straw. strawtat06 Use your crochet hook to pull some yarn through the two holes. strawtat07 Congratulations! You now have a drinking straw tatting needle perfect for thick aran weight or greater yarns.

7 thoughts on “Introducing Straw Tatting”

  1. Great Tutorial. I’ll have to remember that for teaching a few people this spring. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Awesome! I have a disabled friend who loves my tatting, but doesnt see well enough for regular tatting. What a great idea! BTW- the link to your Tabitha bookmark takes me to the wrong one. Can you fix that? And thanks for your bookmark patterns- love them!

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