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Knitmas Cowl

A warm and squidgy scarf/cowl hybrid that does up with a gorgeous button.

For this I used Drops Merino Fine in DK weight held double.

Cast on 70
Row 1-4 Knit
Row 5 K3, Cast off 2 stitches. Turn work and cast on 2 stitches. Turn work and knit across. (make a buttonhole)

Center panel
** Row 6 Knit
Row 7 and all odd-numbered rows K5, P to last 5 stitches, K5
Row 8 K5 *C4B, K4, C4F. Repeat from * to last 5 st, K5
Row 10 Knit
Row 12 K5, *K2, C4F, C4B, K2. Repeat from * to last 5 st, K5
Row 14-28 Repeat from ** twice more

Rows 30-34 Knit
Cast off and weave in ends
Place a large button on the side opposite the buttonhole, in the middle. (try on for placement)

4 thoughts on “Knitmas Cowl”

  1. Hey Kersti, your Knitmas Cowl is quite nice. What needle size did you use for it? I’ve got some yarn on hand, but I’m not sure whether it fits.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Many greetings from Germany 😉

  2. Hi Mareike!
    I used 10mm needles for this one – my red one is the same basic construction but a different pattern in the middle and that was worsted weight.

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