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Japanese Knot Bag

I’ve been looking to make one of these for a little while and stumbled across some gorgeous fabric at a ridiculous price while out and about a few weeks ago. Today I finally got around to making my Japanese Knot Bag.

I used this pattern but changed the dimensions, partly because I wanted something slightly bigger than they had in the picture and partly because I don’t have a printer so couldn’t print out the pattern pieces. I used a bowl for the base and then calculated the size of the two main pieces using our old friend PI. Luckily Katja is fascinated by me sewing because I didn’t quite get it finished before she woke up from her morning nap.

I’m particularly chuffed that I made the effort to seek out this part of the fabric for the base section – love that flower! Looks awesome when the flower is on the outside or the inside.

And look at how much it holds. That’s my current project which is a baby blanket, plus three balls of yarn and my stupidly large notions tin. There’s room for more too.

And when I get bored, I can simply turn it around.

Can you tell that I’m happy with this project? I hope so cos I really am! I couldn’t even wait until tomorrow to show you for Finished Friday. I can see a lot more knot bags in my future…

4 thoughts on “Japanese Knot Bag”

  1. Love this!!! Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern. Does the width of the wrist strap area feel odd on your arm?

  2. It feels lovely and secure, especially with a little bit of weight in the bag (that tin ain’t light!) – I would probably make that loop a tad smaller next time as it does feel a little over long, but perhaps if I overstuff the bag it’ll be fine.

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