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Week 44 2012 In Pictures (Oct 29 – Nov 4)

Week 44 is from Monday October 29, 2012 until (and including) Sunday November 4, 2012

This week Katja grappled with a giant platypus, I made some nommy cake, and we all travelled down to London where naturally I visited Loop.

The *only* way to deal with a giant platypus...
20121029 – The *only* way to deal with a giant platypus…

Time for taayy and cake
20121031 – Time for taayy and cake, banana cake which I haven’t made in ages but which turned out very very nommy

20121102 – After a long trip just one more train to catch

20121102 – But at least the food’s good here, just like home cooking!

Guess where
20121102 – Guess where… yes that’s a lovely big box of Wollmeise at Loop in London

20121103 – Katja plays with Papa

20121104 – So much to look at!

20121104 – I love these lights! Only in London…

Instagram Image
20121104 – Laderee make the nommiest macaroons. Hmm really *must* try making some myself

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