My Week in Pictures 2012 Week 43

Week 43 is from Monday October 22, 2012 until (and including) Sunday October 28, 2012

This week Katja and I went for a walk, I made cushion covers to match my dining room chairs, I started a Knitmas project, I made a mistake with the Knitmas project, C’s parents visited, we all visited Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh and Katja ate stuffed frog’s legs.

20121023 – Katja doesn’t let the Edinburgh weather get in the way of a good walk

20121023 – New cushions with thanks to

20121024 – 2 at a time @knitmas

2012-10-26 – Trees are magical things – Katja can’t get enough!

2012-10-26 – For she who was born in Little France – frog’s legs for lunch!

20121027 – FECK! Just noticed this bloody obvious mistake… Fix (don’t know how), frog or repeat? #newbieknitter (NB I frogged this one but the next time I made the same mistake I managed to fix it)

20121027 – Red shoes are the BEST shoes!