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My Week in Pictures 2012 Week 42

Week 42 is from Monday October 15, 2012 until (and including) Sunday October 21, 2012

This week I made new covers for my dining chairs, made a cheeky phone call and visited the Glasgow School of Yarn. Katja found a sneaky new way to get out of having to go to bed.

20121015 – I haz the sheep toy – bwahahaha #misskatja”

20121015 – Standard issue Ikea – best described as mostly harmless…

20121015 – FIGJAM !! #1down3togo

I am so chuffed with the chair covers – I copied the original Ikea ones which are removable so that they can be washed. They’ve turned out exactly as I’d hoped, which is pretty good seeing as it’s one of my first projects with my fancy sewing machine.

20121016 – Katja has developed a new strategy to get out of having to go to bed – give Mummy this face and you’ll get picked up and cuddled or played with! Yes, works every time!

20121017 – First though on seeing the ingredients in my Panasonic bread machine’s recipe for brioche? Ewe! #noidea #baking

I phoned them up to ask what it could be – after all it may have been jam or ham, plus I was feeling facetious. When I asked what it was supposed to be, I was told that I had to “follow the ingredients list exactly” – so I asked what breed and should I get it shorn first? The guy repeated the directive to follow the list exactly. No sense of humour!

20121017 – What else is a cake stand to be used for if not cakes?

20121019 – Katja had had enough of shopping and stuck out her hands as if to say “that will do”

20121020 – Damn you auto correct #iswearididnttypethat Luckily Alison noticed before I sent it!

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