Glasgow School of Yarn

Glasgow School of Yarn

Today I met up with a few fellow knitters for a trip to Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Yarn which is run by the Yarn Cake there.

As it was an early start, the normally bustling street where I caught my bus was eerily quiet.

After a train trip that seemed over in no time and a short cab ride we found ourselves at the Charles Rennie Macintosh Church at Queen’s Cross. A fairly humble looking building…

…until you take a closer look at the detailing.

Inside the market hall were a number of suppliers, including among others…

A Peppermint Penguin selling project bags and cards

The Yarn Yard with all those gorgeous colours and tatting threads too

Ripples Crafts

Old Maiden Aunt – sorry about the blur there!

I stole the next pic of Old Maiden Aunt from @yarnpony which is so much better than mine!

Hilltop Cloud

After a close inspection of the stalls, @yarnpony and S settle in for some knitting and spinning…

…while V showed off her “Boobie Socks”…

…and L preferred to do some photo bombing. (second 2 photos by @yarnpony)

Meanwhile, in the main hall of the church the Yarn Cake’s own stall was in full swing under that amazing window.

In the end I was most restrained and this is all I came away with.

After the main event we all piled into a cab back into town where this sad looking empty building made me laugh

And then I found heaven!

or so I thought, for “wool” read “plastic” and “footwear” read “slut or granny options only”, still the idea of combining the two is utter genius!

All in all a good day, must do it again soon!