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Glasgow School of Yarn

Today I met up with a few fellow knitters for a trip to Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Yarn which is run by the Yarn Cake there.

As it was an early start, the normally bustling street where I caught my bus was eerily quiet.

After a train trip that seemed over in no time and a short cab ride we found ourselves at the Charles Rennie Macintosh Church at Queen’s Cross. A fairly humble looking building…

…until you take a closer look at the detailing.

Inside the market hall were a number of suppliers, including among others…

A Peppermint Penguin selling project bags and cards

The Yarn Yard with all those gorgeous colours and tatting threads too

Ripples Crafts

Old Maiden Aunt – sorry about the blur there!

I stole the next pic of Old Maiden Aunt from @yarnpony which is so much better than mine!

Hilltop Cloud

After a close inspection of the stalls, @yarnpony and S settle in for some knitting and spinning…

…while V showed off her “Boobie Socks”…

…and L preferred to do some photo bombing. (second 2 photos by @yarnpony)

Meanwhile, in the main hall of the church the Yarn Cake’s own stall was in full swing under that amazing window.

In the end I was most restrained and this is all I came away with.

After the main event we all piled into a cab back into town where this sad looking empty building made me laugh

And then I found heaven!

or so I thought, for “wool” read “plastic” and “footwear” read “slut or granny options only”, still the idea of combining the two is utter genius!

All in all a good day, must do it again soon!

2 thoughts on “Glasgow School of Yarn”

  1. Good fun had by all! I did get home and realise that all that yarn, and a new phone with shiny new camera in it and the only pictures I took were of the squeeze between the pews and part of my purchase when I realised the sock yarn matched my jacket. That was a bit of a fail on my part.

    Hopefully Edinburgh will have something similar (or better?) soon.

  2. All that eye candy!!! My fingers are itching to touch all the yarn. You look like you had a wonderful time. You were so restrained in your purchases. Though look forward to seeing what you make with what you bought.

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