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Next Project is Picked!

That went a lot faster than I thought it would – yes, I’ve managed to pick my next project. In fact I think I’ve picked my next two projects. This is a huge achievement, normally it takes me a week to pick a project, not a day. I tend to umm and ahh about which yarn, which colour, what pattern and then go around and around in circles for ages. I’ve been wanting to do cushion covers for months now and finally I’ve settled on a yarn/colourway which I’ll need to order. Haven’t worked out the pattern yet!

After going through pretty much every beret pattern on Ravelry I’ve settled on Frukttradgard by Melissa LaBarre. It has the lacy prettyness that I am always drawn to, but with the added bonus of it being in the right yarn weight (roughly) and having a good number of projects with positive notes. For those who can’t see it or who don’t want to follow the links here’s the pattern image and the yarn I’m planning on making it in:

That yarn is absolutely divine – it’s 50% Merino wool, 10% silk and 40% possum. It is so amazingly soft and warm. Unfortunately the possum is harvested after the animals have been culled and so this yarn is a by-product of pest control processes in New Zealand. It’s not a nice thing to have to cull pests, but with New Zealand’s fauna being even more crazily endangered than Australia’s I fully understand. It’s a nice thing that we can at least use the product and so not let these guys go to waste.

And as for the next project after that – it will be crochet but more details when we get there (yes, I’m likely to change my mind!).

I met another Aussie at knitting last night. Jen is doing her own show at the Fringe Festival and decided to join us. Always great to be able to talk about home and to hear the accent as well. I do often wonder if I sound like that! Part of me kinda hopes I do, at least a little. I also designed a new tatting piece, which is currently blocking. I’m quite excited about it but I shall tell you all about it in another post very very soon.

So far I’ve been to the last 3 Thursday knitting nights. It’s getting to be quite a nice routine that we have going on. Christian comes home from work a little earlier so that he can take Katja and I can have some me-time. We are so lucky that he has the ability to control his day like that and bottle-feeding certainly gives us a lot of freedom. Christian also looks forward to his Daddy time with Katja which is lovely.

And talking about Katja (which I know I will do an awful lot, but then I’m not forcing you to read am I?) one of the things we wanted to buy before she came along was a baby monitor, but being all frugal we opted instead for a security webcam. For £50 our little unit can be controlled by our PCs so we can tilt and pan as we like. It works with infra-red so no need to keep lights on, has audio and you can also set it up to transmit so that the family in Australia can log on and see what the Munchkin is up to.

We decided not to set up that last feature, even though it’s a big part of the £200 “proper” baby monitors. Katja is sleeping in our room as per the SIDS recommendations, the idea of others being able to log in and move the camera around our bedroom is a bit freaky. Still, as a basic baby monitor it works very well and it is nice to be able to peek at her as she sleeps. When we nolonger want a baby monitor we’ll be able to use it as a security camera – you can set it up to email you if it detects movement.

So to end today’s post here’s Katja sleeping “soundly”.

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