Katja Parenthood


At 8 weeks Katja is starting to really enjoy bath time!

2 thoughts on “Bubbles!”

  1. Oh my I still can’t help but get tears of joy every time I see her pictures. Now a movie!!! Well we won’t go there. She is so beautiful. You and Christian already know this but it bares repeating you are so blessed to have such a sweet little angle.

  2. Hi Kersti,

    It’s been an age since I checked to see how you are travelling, and suddenly you are a married mum living in Scotland. Last time I looked I’m sure you were in Dublin. Went through Scotland in April too, if only I’d known!

    Congratulations to you both on the wedding and being parents. Enjoy the journey. Do you remember when Benjamin was that small and I took him round to visit you? They grow fast, he’s nearly ready for high school now!


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