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Welcome Katja

On Friday 29th June at 1:25am Christian and I welcomed Katja Aoibhe Anear Saemann into the world. With her mass of gorgeous hair and perfect heart-shaped face, she weighed in at 2.91kg or 6lbs 6 and 51cm long. She had left us waiting, being 11 days overdue but once we showed her the door she didn’t waste any time at all – start to finish was a mere 7hrs.

Our brand new family
Cosy in her handknits
She’s got attitude
Rocking her hearing test
All scrubbed up
Safe in Daddy’s arms

14 thoughts on “Welcome Katja”

  1. You are very blessed – beautiful baby, gorgeous blankie and a seven-hour Labour as well!
    Congratulations to parents and grandparents and thank you for showing the wonderful pictures. Did you put a tatting shuttle in her hand when she was born? – or perhaps it was a knitting needle.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of you all. Katja is adorable. Very cuddly, by the look of it.

  3. Wow. Congrats Kersti, I am very excited for the three of you – what adventures to look forward to πŸ™‚ She is totally gorgeous. xxx

  4. She’s a stunner. I’ve never been a broody one but she could convince me to think about it! Look forward to meeting her. x

  5. Hi Kersti… sure are a lucky girl.!! Your baby is beautiful and the three of you make a great family. You posted some really cute things through you pregnancy, and now your going to be pretty busy….but wait, in two or three years you will even be busier. So, keep in touch now as much as you can. I think you are taking to mother hood very, very well…!!


  6. Kersti, Many Congratulations on the birth of your absolutely beautiful daughter. We met at knitting in Dublin and just saw a link that reminded me of you.

  7. Hi Kersti,
    Congratulations and all the best to this little princess! I hoep you are fine as well and getting some sleep to recover! x

  8. Kersti, she’s lovely. Congratulations and warmest welcomes to Katja. Enjoy these early days – and all the ones that follow after. K.

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