The Standesamtliche Hochzeit aka Wedding Nr 1

In Germany many couples will have two weddings – the first is a civil ceremony generally for family. Later on they will have a separate church ceremony. While the events are often held on the same day, they do not need to be.

Our civil ceremony was organised in a most unorthodox fashion, with the final details being sorted out in less than 3 days. You can read all about that fun here.

Once we walked into the Chapel and sat down in the big comfy chairs, all went perfectly. Sure I cried, but them I was always going to. After the ceremony, which was in both German and English, we had some champagne and pretzels in the room off the chapel. The Mayor popped in to congratulate us and we were ribbed by our friends for making it too easy by offering a whole 2 days notice πŸ™‚

A few photos in the palace gardens and coffee in the magnificent Orangerie before we headed to the Hotel zum Ritter for a delicious dinner. I’m so glad we were able to have my parents, Christian’s brother and also some friends there at such stupidly short notice. Katja was amazingly well behaved considering the excitement around her. Even the terrible weather that Europe had been having held out to give us, if not clear blue skies, at least warmth and no rain. It turned out to be a truely perfect day.