1. Faye got her passport not long after she was born too. It’s funny now when officials look at the picture and then look at her – the little baby on there looks nothing like the toddler she is now! It’s all a bit silly really… Hope all is going well with you 3! xxx

  2. Fjon

    I had similar fun with passports. Getting an Irish one was relatively painless, getting an American one was pretty tough and expensive. Haven’t started looking into a German one yet. Not even sure I can (or need to) get three different ones!

  3. I know a guy who was born in Belgium, grew up in the States and now works in Belgium – but he’s not entitled to a Belgian passport because his parents did not apply for one for him before he turned 18. Always worth getting them all at some point, once you’ve had one they can’t take it off you easily but they can and do change rules to stop you getting them!

  4. Tammy

    She is just beautiful. I’m saving all her pictures so I can enjoy watching her grow up.

    Your blog post makes me wonder about my great-nephew. His mom is Canadian, enlisted in USA army, married my nephew also US army. He was born in Germany.

  5. Maureen

    Apply for all of them – you never know when they will be useful for travelling and working! My eldest son is having a very hard time with claiming his British descent- through me – because of changing politics in the country of my birth just before and after I was born. If we’d known, we would have made the application for him when he was a child.

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