1. Siobhan

    I agree with you completely. This makes me so angry. I can’t even articulate my thoughts on this, I’m so wound up about it. It’s all about money now and it just sucks. The soul of the Olympics has been sucked dry.

  2. wonderful another american lawyer full of himself.
    we deal with this lunacy in many ways here. we have bee unable to figure out how to rein in the lawyers. appealing to their peaceful and harmonious ways….. well they don’t seem to have any, or a funny bone either. greed seems to be the all encompassing goal. I can remember Kersti when we tatted Olympic rings 12 years ago.

  3. Maureen

    Oh well, they are too late to stop the Albany Creek Kindergarten Olympics! – because it was held three weeks ago. My 4-yeqr-old twin grandchildren had a ball!

  4. Josie Passell

    I agree, it is totally putting me off the whole thing.

    off topic
    I am pleased that bump is waiting for your parents to arrive.

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