1. Our bouncer/rocker for angus was $5 from a garage sale and is so simple. We never set it to vibrate and he would have one or two toys max on there. But yes, everything now is just over the top! And because they say babies need it, ppl buy them!!

  2. You were sure a a little cutie back then….and you haven’t changed much either! Just keep it simple, they grow so fast anyway, but keep it safe. How much longer…?

  3. I remember us having seemingly hundreds of cloth nappies for Tegan Anear and Jenna Humphries – I could do a one pin nappy fold when I was 10, but they were also incredibly handy for non-nappy use and after the girls were potty trained they became awesome cleaning cloths. Not so easy to find the simple squares now, but I think I’ll have a search around and get some – the muslins seem awfully thin.

  4. Yes, you will need muslin cloths or/and cloth nappies, babies spill everywhere (and have other accidents…)! And many times you need to put something clean between the baby and whatever (sofa, car sit, etc). We never use any bouncer chair, we got: “the baby gym” (second hand from a friend).

  5. Nappies & muslins readily available on Amazon. Muslins are thin but great as what my family call “chuck cloths”. Basically when burping bub you throw a muslin over your shoulder & then if bub brings up any milk the muslin absorbs it (Ethan was a really chuck baby so the muslins were a godsend !!). Also great for throwing over your shoulder if you are breastfeeding out & about & want to shade bub from sun or just cover up a little but not smoother baby with anything too heavy. I also used them to shade the sun when bub was in the pram or I wanted bub to sleep & they were getting too distracted/wound up by everything around them, attach the muslin to the hood of the pram with a couple of either bulldog clips or hair clips & away you go. Because they are so thin they let the air in but shade the baby. You’d be amazed at how handy they can be. Also great wash cloths when baby is teeny tiny.

  6. Grabbed 30 muslins at the Aldi sale a week ago 🙂 Have just ordered 12 terry nappies, that should do. Also grabbed some dye cos the white is soooooo dull! Pram is ordered and so is cot – in the end we decided to just get the basic model pram and a liner, will worry about car seats etc later on when we need one, and probably not one that clips into the pram as they are only the group 0 so limited life span.

  7. Maureen

    You are of the same generation as my children – and those plain simple Bouncinettes are thin on the ground these days! But the vibrating version is great – my 9-week-old grandson falls asleep in his instantly, it’s obvoiusly designed to mimic the vibrations of a car engine.
    And my DIL was not going to buy terry nappies because she said she’d never, ever use them……..I gave her a packet which I bought at Target and they are in constant use, all over the house! My eldest daughter is nearly 40 and I still have one or two left as indispensable floorcloths.

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