1. Hi Kersti, Hope your doing well…! I’m not a late TV watcher, but I find that even for the earlier shows things have changed. Not much on that is to good now a days without being violent! There is always the tatting shuttle, knitting needles, books and more books, etc. My opinion….

  2. Maureen

    Be careful about watching the middle of the night programs when you’re feeding your baby; it’s well-demostrated these days how much babies take in, while seeming to do nothing at all! Don’t expose your precious Bump to rubbish or drivel – classical music for babies is MUCH better.Your baby will feel a lot more secure too, knowing that her mother’s attention is fully on her.
    My grandson is now 3 weeks old and he understands absolutely everything I say to him, we’ve got a good relationship going already!

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