Tutorial – Footprints in my Belly

I’ve been looking at those cute maternity t-shirts available on Cafe Press and Amazon but they just never seemed right for me, a bit on the expensive side for something that is, to be perfectly honest, a bit of a gimmick and also never the right style of t-shirt. So, when Liz told me how she had made the awesome top she was wearing I knew I had to give it a go.

You’ll need the following materials to get started –
– a fine grade cotton top, I’ve used black but any deep colour should work
– thick bathroom bleach
– scrap cardboard, at least as large as your design
– paint brush that you’re willing to sacrifice

If you’re not that great at freehand drawing like me, you’ll also need the following
– masking tape
– a craft knife
– template for your design (not shown)
– plastic sleeve for your design (not shown) that you’re happy to sacrifice

Create your template, I copied a design that I’d seen on tops that I liked. Put it into the plastic sleeve, place the masking tape over the top (you can overlap if the tape is not wide enough). Trace your design onto the masking tape.

I used the same template, placing my masking tape on both sides of the plastic sleeve.

Cut out the design with a craft knife – make sure you put some cardboard in the sleeve so that you don’t cut through!

Place the masking tape on the shirt where you want the design to show, to get these in the right spot I found it helpful to put the shirt on and then place. You’ll notice that I haven’t cut out all of the toes – I decided to do these freehand, but if I were to do this again I probably would cut them out so as to avoid some bleach spillage.

Put the scrap cardboard piece inside your garment so that the area to bleach can be smoothed out and so that bleach won’t go through. Paint on the bleach (ventilation people! open that window!)

Once the bleach is on you can take off the masking tape – you should get a reaction pretty much straight away. Wait for as long as you want and then place the garment in the washing machine. I didn’t have anything else in the machine just this top.

Wash and dry as normal and voila!

5 thoughts on “Tutorial – Footprints in my Belly”

  1. A brilliant idea and it looks so cool on you. I would like to make one for my DIL who is expecting in August.

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