WIP Wednesday – Bump Update

Yesterday was our 20 week anomaly scan. That’s where they look at all the bits and pieces and search for any problems. We got to see Bump’s heart beating and the blood flowing through it – you could even see the detail of the four chambers, totally amazing stuff! We also saw the diaphragm, kidneys, bladder, the spine and skin covering it and various structures in the brain and they all measured up perfectly for gestational age so all good. At one point we zoomed in to focus on the little nose and lips (looking for cleft lip) – so cute! Everything is looking good and healthy.

And then came the big reveal – we zoomed in looking for telltale signs and found out that we’re having a little girl. I knew it! I’ve had a feeling since the first day that I found out I was pregnant that it was a girl. To be honest neither of us cared what the gender was, it was curiosity and a desire to reduce the pain of trying to find a name that led to us wanting to know.

This is the last scheduled scan, so now it’s 20 more weeks of waiting for the big day. 20 weeks left to make the cute little outfits and get the place ready. We’re both so excited, we can’t wait to meet her šŸ™‚