1. I have also been suffering with migraines since I was 13 / 14 years old, I had a doctor once who said they are only bad headaches and just another word for a bad headache, I was pleased to find another doctor. I find theres not a lot on the market for them that really works and if it does work its seems to disappear after a few years …………. its the too expensive for the GP’s to prescribe.

    I hope your migraine improves, one thing I can say as I have got older they had got less, or perhaps I am just goet used to them.


  2. Marian

    It is interesting that all 3 of us are affected by similar triggers. Lavender is a bad one for us. Other strong smells also get me going – Lilies and strong Garlic. It is often that little niggle behind my right eyebrow that alerts me to the presence of the culprit! At times it has been as little as a closed tube of Lavender Hand Cream in an adjacent room!!! Fatigue and weather changes can also be bad news.

    Fortunately Imigran is my lifesaver. I love that drug! But the cost is rediculous. Here in Australia for me it is $25 for the Doctors visit (that is after the Medicare refund!) and then 4 tablets per script = $35. I get 5 repeats on the script. Sometimes I will go through a packet in a week at others it will last a month.

    Kersti’s brother also suffers. He tends to do it quietly – closes the shop and lays down in the back room!!! Marcus has had them since he was a young teenager. Must remember to ask him if he takes Imigran as well

  3. Maureen

    Acupuncture is supposed to help – might be worth investigating while you are pregnant, perhaps. I, too, have suffered nearly all my life from migraines – and I am one of the unfortunate minority in whom they actually get worse when hormonal issues are no longer a factor. All three of my daughters, and two of my grandchildren suffer from them.

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