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Memory Monday – Audrey the Skipping Vinegar Girl

Audrey the Skipping Girl sign was erected for Skipping Girl Vinegar in 1936. Her design was created by Jim Minogue in 1915, who won a competition to create a symbol for vinegar manufacturers Nycander & Co. Pty Ltd. When the factory was demolished in 1968 the sign was removed, but following a public outcry, a replica was created in 1970 and placed on the roof of the Crusader Plate factory in Abbotsford.

The sign, which is one of the most loved and recognised icons of Melbourne, was switched off in 2001, after it’s owners decided to pull the plug on funding and maintenance.

Following generous donations from nostalgic Melbournians, the Heriage Council of Victoria, the Melbourne Heritage Restoration Fund and an electricity company, the sign was restored to her former grandure and returned to light up the Melbourne skyline in 2009.

Nowadays Audrey is powered at least in part by solar energy, which hopefully means she’ll be skipping away for many more years to come. You can read more about her on AGL’s dedicated website.

I used to pass her daily on my way to work just a few doors away, so when shortly after arriving in Dublin I found that a Josh “Shag” Agle print was for sale on eBay which featured this icon, I just had to have it!

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  1. Would you be interested in selling your Vinegar girl by SHAG?



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