1. I certainly do, 1999, my boyfriend was going to get me one for Christmas but it turns out that was all bravado. My next door neighbour at the time worked for Esat Digifone, now O2 and gave me this silver brick of a Nokia. My dad rang me on it Christmas morning to tell me breakfast was ready. I was one of the first of my friends to have one, and it didn’t have text messages either, although my dad’s phone did on bill pay so I used to rob it to text people. I love your memory Mondays.

  2. I do! It was 1998, I was about to move back to Kerry. 1 week before I left, my mother got herself a mobile phone (huge black brick with pull-out aerial) and I spent the week mocking her relentlessly (I though they were a bad idea, make you too contactable!). Of course, my parents came with me to Kerry to help with the move, and , as they were leaving, she gave me the phone. Hadn’t been bought for her at all, it was for me, so she could ring and check in now I was so far away. Oops! ;o) Had that thing for ages, even after the aerial snapped in two. No SMS, but the novelty of being able to yap as you were walking down the road was brilliant. Of course, all my mates though I was a plonker!

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