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Memory Monday – My First Mobile Phone

I was going to buy myself a shiny new iPhone 4S last year. When they came out I had only just moved to the UK (wasn’t even aware that I was pregnant at that stage) and on a pay-as-you-go type of thing with O2. Apparently this means that with O2’s infinite wisdom, I am not a good enough customer (despite 6 years of being on O2 in Ireland) to be able to get a new phone. I have to wait until they’ve exhausted the market that is their contract base and allowed the riff-raff in. This was estimated to take 4-6 weeks. I’m still waiting. In fact, I’ve given up entirely and decided that I’m going to skip this round of iPhones all together.

But this has me thinking about mobile phones in general, so in a fit of nostalgia I had a search around to see if I could find any details of my very first mobile. It was about 1994 and they had only just come out. I bought mine at Myer, through their catalogue and paid outright for it. It was the NEC P100 shown here and it was the most amazingly tiny thing you could imagine. A friend of my father’s just a couple of years before had walked in with his portable car-phone, complete with separate battery pack, compared to that, this was incredible.

The specs were state of the art –

– LCD Screen including a 2 line back-lit Information Display
– Phone directory memory storing up to 24 numbers
– Signal strength indicator
– Battery level indicator
– Any key answer
– Last Number Re-dial
– DTMF dialling tones
– Adjustable ringing volume
– Noise-cancelling microphone
– Included NiCad battery gives 22 hours standby or 120 minutes talk time
– Complete with battery Desktop Charger

Can you imagine that, 22 hours of standby – we didn’t know ourselves! There was no such thing as SMS on this, well if there was I didn’t know any other person with a mobile so it would have been useless.

Do you remember your first phone?

2 thoughts on “Memory Monday – My First Mobile Phone”

  1. I certainly do, 1999, my boyfriend was going to get me one for Christmas but it turns out that was all bravado. My next door neighbour at the time worked for Esat Digifone, now O2 and gave me this silver brick of a Nokia. My dad rang me on it Christmas morning to tell me breakfast was ready. I was one of the first of my friends to have one, and it didn’t have text messages either, although my dad’s phone did on bill pay so I used to rob it to text people. I love your memory Mondays.

  2. I do! It was 1998, I was about to move back to Kerry. 1 week before I left, my mother got herself a mobile phone (huge black brick with pull-out aerial) and I spent the week mocking her relentlessly (I though they were a bad idea, make you too contactable!). Of course, my parents came with me to Kerry to help with the move, and , as they were leaving, she gave me the phone. Hadn’t been bought for her at all, it was for me, so she could ring and check in now I was so far away. Oops! ;o) Had that thing for ages, even after the aerial snapped in two. No SMS, but the novelty of being able to yap as you were walking down the road was brilliant. Of course, all my mates though I was a plonker!

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