Memory Monday

Memory Monday – Christmas Past

I keep a lot of the cards that I receive. They take up a lot of space, but I think it’s space that’s worth it as each is a treasured memory to me. In my Dublin apartment we had wardroes with opening doors – the backs of these were plastered with cards so that every time I opened my wardrobe I would be reminded of happy memories. Unfortunately with my moving some cards have gotten lost along the way.

This particular card was made for me way back in high school by my good friend Richard Morden – who grew up to be a fabulous illustrator. As much as I love the shop bought cards, really it’s the message and thought that counts, there’s something extra special about something handmade.

What do you do with old Christmas and birthday cards? Do you keep them, recycle them or throw them away? If you keep them what do you do with them?

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