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Finished Friday – Jenna’s Wedding Necklaces

I was so chuffed when my youngest sister asked me to make some necklaces for her wedding. Of course that meant deadlines and an enormous amount of pressure that the finished objects be absolutely perfect. Luckily her chosen pattern was relatively simple, even if the colour combination of dusky rose and chocolate crystal beads was not!

It took me probably about 2 months to find the right colours. Eventually I settled on mocha swarovski beads (luckily available in Dublin) and Anchor embroidery thread in 60. The pattern itself is a classic luncheon set reworked (and much kudos to TotusMel who originally saw how good this would look as a necklace). Each necklace consists of three motifs and 2 side lengths.

I started about 20 gazillion times, never quite happy with the result. Finally with the deadline looming I got stuck in on Jan 09 2011, with all three finished in 20 days. (about 15 hours work in all)

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