Caffe Lucano

The website group said 7:30pm so at 7:25 I was there. It was I must admit the kind of focus of the day and I was feeling nervous. I sat down in the cafe on George IV bridge and waited. Noone there looked like a potential knitter. After a while two young women walked in and sat at the table next to me. Then another sat across – none of them were wearing any hand-knitted items and none looked to be carrying anything fibre related. I ordered some dinner.

Soon after I had cleared my plate and desert had arrived, I saw that one of the women beside me had pulled out a ball of yarn – eureka! I asked if they were the knitting group – turns out that it was their first night here too. We joined our tables and introduced ourselves and I pulled out my swallowtail. Very soon the women opposite joined us and by about 8:30 there were 7 of us – including two with gorgeous knitted cardigans.

The Edinburgh group are not my comfortable Dublin group yet, but they do seem to be lovely people. I felt very welcome and totally at ease. I’m looking forward to going back next week.

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