Memory Monday – My Shoe Cupboard

This is my shoe cupboard. I’m very proud of it. It cost me about the same as a couple of pairs of shoes and features frosted glass doors (not shown here). It holds about 40 pair with room for boots on the bottom. Yes, every box is full.

One of the brilliant things about my shoe cupboard, aside from keeping my shoes safe, is that I can see what I’ve got – I’m much more inclined to wear my good shoes when I can find them easily and don’t need to rummage through boxes to get at them. My shoes have a home and are less inclined to spend time in the way as well! It’s become a bit of a feature as well – it lived in the hallway in Dublin and Christian would show people 🙂

My shoe cupboard is from Ikea which I’ve had since early 2008 – it’s a Pax wardrobe with shoe box inserts and the previously mentioned glass doors.