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Famous Knitters

While stuck on Pinterest – it’s a black hole of a website, don’t go there unless you actually want your life to drain away – I came across a couple of pictures of famous people knitting. I thought I’d share them as it’s interesting (to me anyway) to see how many people out there who can honestly afford to buy whatever they want choosing to make things with their own two hands.

Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret relax in the grounds of Royal Lodge Windsor where they practice their knitting skills. 1940.

My favourite – Audrey Hepburn during a break in John Huston’s movie ‘The Unforgiven’, 1960 Durango, MEXICO.

Ingrid Bergman

Bette Davis

Rita Hayworth

Katherine Hepburn

1940’s actress Rosalind Russell

Liz Taylor

Cary Grant learns to knit in Mr Lucky

Russell Crowe

3 thoughts on “Famous Knitters”

  1. That’s a fantastic collection (gotta love Pinterest, even if it does rather steal entire days on one!).

    I’ve always loved that particular shot of Audrey Hepburn; she really has what I call Knitting Zen(TM) going on.

  2. The pictures of Bette Davis and Rosaliind Russell are from scenes in movies. The one of Bette Davis is from Now Voyager and I believe the Rosalind Russell pix is from The Women.

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