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Pet Hates – Talking Websites

Recently while trying to find accomodation for my latest Irish Roadtrip, I came across a B&B in Galway that seemed promising. One of the big promising things is that they actually had a URL, which potentially means an actual website and (OK, I’m pushing it now) relevent and up to date information. I clicked on the link and before the site had finished loading the gigantic images a rather annoying voice started talking oh so loudly at me to extoll the virtues of the place. As I was engaged in a hangout with my fellow travellers, I frantically looked around for a sound-off switch. There wasn’t any. So I shut down the site.

This is one of my pet hates – it’s bad enough when you force me to listen to your poorly recorded and copyright infringing muzac, but to shout at me? That is the epitome of bad taste. When if I’m in an office? What if I don’t speak your language? What if I’m looking while also chatting to others online? The absolute least you should do is give me a prominent off switch.

We tried a few times to get around the site to find out about vacancies but that voice!

In the end I dropped them an email – I figure that the owners may not know how much business they’re potentially turning away.

Date: 24 July 2011 22:18
Subject: Website

Just so you know, while looking for accom I came across your site, but I turned it off immediately because of the loud and annoying talking. I won’t visit the site again.

I was probably a bit harsh in my email in retrospect, perhaps I should have explained just why the talking was so annoying. I don’t think it would have helped given the response that I got!

From: Sea Breeze Lodge, Galway, Ireland
Date: 24 July 2011 22:34
Subject: Re: Website


I am so glad you will not visit again so I won’t have to get another annoying Email from you.


1 thought on “Pet Hates – Talking Websites”

  1. I had to check out that website. It’s fantastic! I love the way she hovers over the top right of the page babbling about attractions like the Cliffs of Mow-her (wherever that is) in her beautiful English (why English?) accent. I’ve now bookmarked the site so I can enjoy again and again.

    I really don’t know what you have against it 😉

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