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New Adventures Starting Soon

A lot has been going on behind the scenes the last month and now at last I’m able to let you all in on the secret – I’m moving house. And not just moving house, but moving country – again. After 6 years in Ireland pretty much to the day I’m going to be heading off to Scotland and to Edinburgh to live. No job lined up, I’m just going to head over there and see what happens.

As a result of that I’ve handed in my notice at work, and I’ve started packing. It’s not so easy to pack for an international move. You need to book a mover in advance, none of this hiring a van type of ease – I have no choice but to get a man (not so easy, most of them don’t bother answering quote requests). And that means that I need to know exactly how much stuff I’m moving in order to book them. I’m not so good at that side of things! I’m trying to sell off a whole bunch of stuff that I don’t think is worth moving – like a heavy salt lamp and a printer, tv and dvd player. It’s not an easy task that’s for sure. Still, I’ve managed to get about 10 boxes packed so far.

Naturally now is the perfect time to be filling up my social calendar, so Saturday I’m teaching a needle tatting course for charity. And of course I’ve packed the book I want to use for it!

2 thoughts on “New Adventures Starting Soon”

  1. best of luck on your move Kersti, at least you have some experience in this kind of move. Good luck on your job hunt in the new place.

  2. An international move without a job lined up? You are a braver woman than I, Kersti! Good luck on your adventure, I’m sure you’ll find something amazing once you get to Scotland!

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