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Little Boy Blue

After the phenomenal success of my first and second goes at knitting, I found myself unable to resist when I came across this gorgeous self stripey and super soft bamboo blend yarn in Edinburgh. I bought enough to make a little jacket for Imminent-Angus and got to work.

The pattern is called Felix’s Cardigan and is available on Ravelry.

It was supposed to be a nice quick project, and to be honest it was – it just took me forever to get it finished! No-one’s fault but my own I’m afraid, can’t even blame C.

My Project Notes

Thursday 30 June 2011 Cast on today. Hoping to get this one out quickly. My first project using circulars.

Sunday 3 July 2011 Still going, not really knitting much thanks to being ill, but I’m seeing this one take shape nicely. The Yarn is lovely to work with, especially as I’m such a tight knitter, it kind of forces you to be looser. Only issue is that sewing in the ends is a real drag.

Sunday 22 July 2011 Almost there, just have to get ends sorted and find buttons

Saturday 13 August 2011 OK, I know – I have a problem with finishing projects. Finally today got the last of the ends sewn in and found some lovely little buttons that say “Kidding Around”. Now just have to get it in the post!

This was a satisfyingly quick knit and very effective, I like the fact that it’s knit in the round so no seams. I can see myself making more of these!

In Other News
I’ve started packing. My God I have a lot of stuff! Am trying to weed out the stuff that I don’t really need/want any more but it’s not easy. Part of the problem is that I have a reasonably long time to go before I move, but not so many days in which to pack in that time. So that leaves me with the dreaded “what if I need it” issues. This was certainly the hardest box to get started on today – I mean, what if I manage to finish a project and I decide on the perfect project for that Wollmeise??? How could I start if it’s in a box??? At one point I had about half of it sitting in the “just in case” pile… how do people do this?

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