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So my last proper post was about my trip to the hospital. That was a Wednesday night and at that stage I hadn’t eaten a proper meal since the previous Sunday lunchtime (scrumptious too). I’d actually started to get sick before that meal and I know it wasn’t anything in particular I ate. Anyway, I didn’t eat my next meal until the following Sunday breakfast! The only good side to that being that I managed to lose 3lbs/1.2kg Since then my eating hasn’t been the best, but today I managed a gorgeous Afternoon Tea to celebrate Cat’s birthday which was just lovely.

On the crafty front, it’s been ages since I tatted anything. Learning some new skills in the form of crochet and knitting have distracted me lately, that and I just didn’t quite know what it was that I wanted to tat. Tonight I think I found it, at last and so I have a new piece in the works inspired by a vintage pattern that I’m quite excited about. After many mistakes I think I’ve finally got the centre section sorted but since it’s so late and I’m tired you’ll have to wait until tomorrow before I finish it off and maybe Wednesday before I get a chance to photograph it.

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