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Down the Loo

As I heard the tell tale splud noise my breath and my heart stopped. I looked down and sure enough there it was – panic ensued and my dripping iPhone was out of the loo, rather soggy. Thankfully it had falled out of my pocket as I’d turned to close the door and the loo itself was clean (that could have been bad – but let’s not dwell there).

With my fingers trembling and remembering the fate of my beloved iPod touch I tore the protective cover off and run it under the tap for a few seconds (toilets – ewww). I then patted it dry and watched water pour from it’s insides, soaking the paper towel.

When it seemed dry I turned it on – screen was very very dark but I could see that she was running. Phew. Over the next few hours I used the hand dryer in the bathroom to heat it a little – holding it a good 12 inches from the nozzle so that it wouldn’t get too hot. I would also pull out the sim card, which was invariably wet and dry that off.

When I finally got home I plunged it into a box of dried rice. By the time I went to bed the screen was bright and visible, with some strange moist halo over the top section and the lens for the camera showed droplets of water. I slept with it under my pillow.

Morning came and the screen was totally clear \o/ But the lens was still foggy so I put it into a plastic zip lock bag filled with rice and took her to work. At work I left her plugged in while still in the bag. By plugging her in she’ll heat just slightly as she charges. At 5pm I took her out of the bag for a peek – camera lens totally clear!

So, that’s my tale of a dropped iphone with a happy outcome. Just thought I’d share it with you in case you should ever suffer the same fate.

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  1. Update 2 months later – you would never know (unless you’re Apple wanting to get out of a warranty claim) that my iPhone had ever been anywhere near a loo!

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