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Not Another One

Another day at home today. My heel just doesn’t seem to be getting better – I thought it was, but the last couple of days the pain has been quite bad and last night it kept me up a fair bit too 🙁 I’m beginning to worry that it won’t get better and I really *don’t* want surgery, although an MRI would be fascinating. Not walking is helping though so I’ll work from home tomorrow too and not go out tomorrow night. Must admit, starting to go a bit stir crazy being stuck in the house.

So tonight I didn’t go to Brooks like I generally do. I still sat at home and knitted – can you believe that, I’m actually knitting! I’m half way through my cowl and quite happy with it. What I’m not happy with is that my right wrist and forearm are starting to ache like crazy, so I held back and didn’t knit as much as I would have. I also had to ice it up for a while. I really don’t want this as well – soooo painful. Wonder if I could get them to MRI my wrist while they do my heel??

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  1. So after being very very good and not doing much walking at all and severely limiting my crafting I was feeling pretty darn good this morning.

    My wrist is getting stronger – can put some weight on it, although now it’s starting to ache around the elbow – which is where this problem tends to originate from.

    My heel was great, until I was almost at work and then the pain in it started to get really bad.

    So, I’ve made the call to the surgeon and am now waiting to find out when they’re gonna have me booked in for my MRI.

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