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MRI Time

So way back in August I went to Edinburgh. Had a great time, saw lots of lots of cool comedy and walked around an awful lot. I had a pedometer and one day I managed to top 33000 steps – that’s a lot.

Trouble was that at the time Christian was living in Dean Village, gorgeous location but Dean means Deep and that meant lots of walking up hills. Add in that I tend to overstretch without realising it and then next thing you know my calves have seized up. Nothing a bit of rest won’t fix thinks I and so that’s what I do. As soon as possible I’m back for more.

When I got home my heel was a little sore. Seemed perfectly reasonable – after all I’d walked A LOT. Trouble is that it just wasn’t getting better. Pretty soon it was getting sore enough to wake me up at night. Finally by early November I had been convinced that I was fast becoming a cripple and so I took myself to the doctor.

**skipping over the boring bits**

So when I get back from India I went to the consultant. He’s had me wearing a boot for the last 6 weeks to stop me from moving the tendons in my ankle. Trouble with that is that while it’s helped a little, it hasn’t solved the problem and so that leads me to today and my MRI.

I had plans to write all about it as it’s hard to find any real info, but to be honest, the whole process is rather dull. I didn’t even have to put on a gown – and for any women reading, I didn’t even have to take off my bra. Just remove jewellery and any coins from pockets. I was put onto the bed for the machine, feet pointing towards the hole. My foot was secured in a frame which was then packed with beanbags to stop me moving it and I was given some headphones. The the machine got to work, banging and buzzing and sounding rather like roadwork. After a few passes it was over, I was given a CD with the images (which complained cos I don’t use IE 5.5 or IE6 – how ancient is that!) and that was it.

Now I’ve got to wait for some blood test results and get back to the surgeon for the interpretation. Will do that in a week or so. In the meantime I leave you with this lovely image of the inside of my foot!

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