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Spammer Revenge

I’m quite ashamed to say that there seems to be quite a few Kersti’s out there who are complete idiots. I’m assuming that I only see the stupid ones, so I still hold out hope for my name-kind.

Every so often I get text messages or emails from Google alerting me to the fact that I’ve requested my own password details when I know for a fact that I haven’t done that at all. That’s not so bad, I know that Google’s robust enough that noone will get in that way, and I regularly change my password there to be sure. Still it’s annoying when they try multiple times, especially when they try at 3am.

No the thing that really annoys me is the emails. At least once a week I get an email welcoming me to a mailing list, advising me of my recent purchase, sending me my movie tickets to print out, discussing some family event or school event or, my favourite of all, sending me copies of passports!

Now I know that these people don’t realise their mistake and that they’re not targeting me, but damn it gets so irritating. I mean it’s a simple thing, writing down your email address – what can be so hard?

Yesterday I received an email welcoming me to an Estonian online job seeking site. The email said that if it had been sent in error that I could ignore it, so I did. Today I received two emails from them – so this time I clicked on the link to go to the site. As the link got me straight in I decided I’d had enough. I went into the create a CV area and I set up a “CV” for this person – entitled “I’m an Idiot!” I then added a blurb about how hiring Kersti Luisk as an admin assistant would do your company a world of good if you want to hide anything cos “I” can’t even find my own email address.

I can’t tell you how good that felt! Wonder what she’ll do when she finds out?

3 thoughts on “Spammer Revenge”

  1. This sort of thing happens with me too. In my case it’s usually Americans with my name (although there is one, ehm, Australian guy). I’ve received boarding passes, family photos, bank account details and, in one case, a request for a reference all directed to my gmail account. I usually ignore them but I did get back on to the recruitment company that requested the reference. I can’t imagine the guy got the job – his lack of attention to detail let him down.

  2. Today’s spammy fun was an email intended for Kersti Jansen in Estonia. It includes details of an extension to her insurance policy.

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