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Emotional Suffering or Will I be Erased?!?

Regular readers will be aware of my constant struggle against those who don’t know their own email address so use mine instead.

Yesterday I responded to two emails, one offering herbal products for dogs in Sweden and the other a group update from Estonia.

Today I received these responses – and I feel I should share the joy of the Google translations for them.

From Estonia
palun vabandust
saadetis oli mõeldud teisele Kerstile
Edaspidi püüan tähelepanelikum olla ja aadressiga mitte eksida
Kui kirjaga kaasnesid hingelised kannatused, siis on mul sellest eriti kahju

I apologize
The package was intended for another Kersti
Thereafter I try to be attentive and not the wrong address
If the letter was accompanied by emotional suffering, then I have this particular injury

From Sweden

No original – I assume they used Google to translate – several points for doing the work for me!

Sorry, only send information to thoose who have had someting to do with us – ordered something or just a tast portion.
If you have not, then seems as someone else has used your e-mail as you have received this mail.
I will check and erase you.
Best regards and have a nice Eastern.

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