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In Need of a Pick-Me-Up

I hurt my foot in August. I ignored the pain like every good daughter-of-a-nurse would so until early November when it became obvious that I shouldn’t ignore it (I could barely walk!) For months my doctor and I have been treating the pain as either plantar fasciitus or a heel spur with no real effect. Painkillers have gotten me through until I finally managed to see a surgeon last week.

The surgeon asked lots of questions about when it all began and got into the nitty gritty of the symptoms, as well as talking to me about past injuries etc. His verdict – not plantar fasciitus nor a heel spur, but a torn tendon that’s not getting a chance to heal. Oh happy day! No need for painful injections! The treatment? This incredibly sexy boot which I must wear every day for 6 weeks to take the pressure off the tendon and let it heal. The boot keeps my foot in a rigid 90 degrees, stops me from going up onto the ball of the foot which is apparently when I do damage. As a special treat, it exactly fails to match the height of any other pair of shoes that I own so I end up hobbling along and now my back is a little sore too. I also get a bonus electric blue boot for bed which stretches the tendon while I attempt, rather poorly, to sleep.

So here we are, one week in and 5 to go and already the starkness of the dark grey plastic and soft black lining is getting to me. This is sooo dull! So, I’m turning to all of you – I need ideas for how to jazz this thing up a little. What do you reckon?

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