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Almost half way

Well, not quite really – it’s only Wednesday and on Sunday I’ll be half way through wearing this boot. With the amount of pain I’ve been in lately I’m seriously wondering if it’s doing any good. I have noticed the pain seems more localised tho – hoping that’s a good sign. It’s sapping all my spare energy, it’s heavy and creaks and wearing it makes my back ache…

There. That’s enough sulking for now. Tomorrow I’m off to Edinburgh, can’t wait to see C. Because of my crippled status I’m getting a lift onto the Ryanair plane and a wheelchair from checkin – that should be interesting! First step is to get my case to the airport. Have to take a case, need to lug my night boot around with me.

On the crafty side, I’m more than half way through a new project – the Angusaur hat that I’m making for my little nephew. Have decided to make it bigger than newborn. He won;t fit into it at first, but it should fit by the time he’s ready for his first winter. Photos will follow as soon as it’s finished!

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