The Travelers’ Century Club

I can’t remember when I first heard about the Travelers’ Century Club, but I do remember that I was living in Australia at the time and that the idea seemed so incredibly unlikely to me that I shelved it up there along with the owning a castle and traveling abroad just to get my haircut kind of pipedreams. Soon after arriving in Europe I came across another reference to this exclusive club when two people managed to make it to every country on the list, and it dawned on me that perhaps it’s not such a pipedream after all.

So what is the Travelers’ Century Club? It’s simply a club for people who have traveled to 100 or more countries (as defined by them). To count a country you must have set foot in it, so flying over doesn’t count – but getting off a plane and walking around an airport does. To be honest I’m not fussed about the meetings or the pins or even the newsletter – but the idea of being eligble to join, that’s something I like the sound of. It’s not something that you get simply by spending lots of money (although that certainly helps) or by being born to the right parents. This is something that anyone theoretically could get, yet very few do so.

If you’re interested, the information can be found online along with the full list of countries.

Here’s my list of 20 countries so far.

Pacific Ocean 3/49
– Australia (Born there)
– Tasmania (I know, but it’s on the list) (2003)
– New Zealand (2004)

Americas & Caribbean 1/56
– United States (2006)

Europe & Mediterranean 13/67
– Belgium (2007)
– England (2001)
– France (2001)
– Germany (2007)
– Ireland, Eire (2006)
– Ireland, Northern (2006)
– Luxembourg (2007)
– Monaco (2001)
– Netherlands (2006)
– Norway (2007)
– Scotland (2009)
– Spain (2007)
– Switzerland (2007)

Asia 3/52
– Hong Kong (2001)
– Malaysia (2011)
– Singapore (2006)

Atlantic Ocean 0/13

Africa 0/53

Antartica 0/7

Middle East 0/20

Indian Ocean 0/14

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