Pork & Garlic Chives Dumplings

I can across this delicious sounding recipe for Pork and Garlic Chive Dumplings on the food blog A Table For Two and I’ve putting into my must do list! Just thought I’d share….

Ingredients (makes 30 dumplings)
500 gram pork mince
1 bunch garlic chives (chopped)
3 cloves garlic (chopped)
1 packet of dumpling skin (30 skins)
1 tbsp corn flour
Soy Sauce
Sesame Oil
2 tbsp rice wine
Salt & Pepper to taste


  1. Add all ingredients into a large bowl (except the dumpling skins) and mix well together.
  2. Fill a small bowl with water and set aside.
  3. Scoop a tablespoon-ful of the mixture and lay it in the center of a dumpling skin.
  4. Dip your index finger in the water, then run it around the edge of the dumpling skin.
  5. Fold the skin in half from bottom to top, press the skin together and seal the mixture inside.
  6. From the center, overlapping the skin inwards from both sides until it reaches the pointy edges.
  7. Run the edges and press tightly with 2 fingers to make sure the dumpling is properly sealed.

Steamed Dumplings

  1. Inside bamboo steamer baskets, lay some iceberg lettuce and make sure is flat enough to put dumplings on top without falling over.
  2. Arrange 6 to 8 dumplings inside basket without touching each other so they don’t stick together when cooked.
  3. Use a wok and pour 2 cups of water and let it boil in medium heat. Place the steamer basket inside the wok and cover it with a lid. Let it simmer for 10 – 15 mins or until the dumpling skins looks translucent then it is ready.

Fried Dumplings

  1. Heat up a frying pan with a little bit of vegetable oil.
  2. Put some dumplings in the pan and lay flat on one side. Make sure they don’t touch each other to avoid sticking together.
  3. Pour 2 tablespoon of water in the pan, and quickly cover it with a lid.
  4. Few minutes later, flip the dumplings and fry the other side. Again, pour 2 tablespoon of water and cover it with a lid.
  5. Fry the dumplings until crisp and golden brown then it is ready.

The original is here –
Pork & Garlic Chives Dumplings 韭菜饺子.

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